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IDLaminations.com is the internet's foremost supplier of MPID laminations.  We have MPID part II kits for 24 US states, some being exact duplicates, including security features, of original laminations.  When applied to a high quality verification card, you will easily be able to find fake ID's with a side-by-side comparison.  Our products can ensure that counterfeit ID cards can be easily found by your employees.  We are a response to the barbooks and other items that only supply a paper image of a real ID card.  With our products, you can see a real image of the ID card to help determine if the ID is real or not.  We are the only firm offering this type of product, with customers ranging from banks to law enforcement.   If you are looking for a fake ID or to buy fake ID cards, we don't sell them.  If you are looking to buy a driver licence, they are available.  We recommend looking at fake ID reviews to see where to go.

Success Stories  Our customers have stopped many users of fake ID cards in the act.  Read about how our products have stopped criminals and under-age drinkers dead in their tracks!  We have helped many companies detect fake ID cards. 

MPID MPID has resulted in a true revolution the way fake cards are found.  This new system ensures that the laminations received from our company will be compatible with your valuable verification cards.